Cheap and delicious eats near UT campus? Here’s one.. sort of:

Location: 10 College Street
Price: $ – $$, $10 will get you almost full for lunch, but burger orders don’t come with fries, so price likely is more for a full meal.. Also they have $10 spiked milkshakes… icecream+milk+booze? intrigued.

So I arrived at this average but sleek looking burger place post-exam one day, on my quest to seek comfort in the form of fatty fried foods and sugary milkshakes. Was my quest fulfilled? I’d say I’ve completed it competently, on normal level, a way off from the 5 star expert gold medal I aim for. Not bad though, not bad.

BRGRS sampler: beef, lamb, pulled-pork, kobe, turkey, bison

Usually, I would never order burgers, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been sheltered from burger greatness and also have had wonderful luck with other kinds of foods. But when in Rome… I got the burger sampler to maximize assesment!! (and because I’m a terrible decision maker) So as you see, they look okay. I dont know if it’s because I got the slider sized burgers, or got the whole wheat bread, or if it’s the burger’s fault, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed. Each burger had different toppings as provided by the house, but they were all just.. okay. The pulled-pork would be my favourite of the bunch, closely followed by the lamb, while the kobe and bison were dry and pretty disappointing.

For a lack of a better description, this dish was, in the wise words of the co-eater… “MEHHHHhhh.”


If fried foods tickle your heartstrings, meet your lover.



Lastly, the best part of this meal… Pull-ed Pork Poutine (PPP). Now I must say that I had very high expectations for this dish due to recurring recommendations, and this is one of the rare, countable-on-one-hand times that expectations were exceeded by reality. Juicy, flavourful pulled pork cooked just right, ample sauce to semi-melt the cheese curds without drowning all the fries, and fries themselves deep fried just right so that you can still taste potato, not just oilsticks. In other words, This dish itself makes it worthwhile to try this restaurant!! 

Pulled-Pork Poutine, MUST-TRY!

Score: 7.5/10 …BUT!!! judged solely on the onion rings and PPP, a SOLID 9.5/10!!

Last Words:

All that fried, increase
risk of heart disease and stroke.
Wash it down with beer.
(Kidding, please dont do that.)


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