This goes out to you, ladies.  (And all the guys who might need a snazzy, if pricey date venue…)

Hidden in the depths of Yorkville...

Location: 99 Yorkville Avenue
Price: $$$! Nearly $20 for a Sandwich at dinner time… Our desserts costed us a lot, too.

Okay, this place has got some seriously slick decor.

I couldnt capture the slickness. 😦

Essentially they’ve got all sorts of crazy snazzy stuff. Statues of dogs with playboy bunny ears, large antlers, and a very classy, regal black and white sort of design. Though one might expect softer music for a place like this, they’ve instead chosen to blast club beats, giving this establishment a really youthful and vibrant feel. It’s quite dim here: probably an attempt to sort of play with the senses.

Our waitress was fairly nice, asking all of us about how are days went, and otherwise making pleasant small talk and attempts at humor throughout the service — always welcome in the face of stiff, serious service. In any case, we decided on a Penance for Pleasure Platter ($26) and a Banana Split Eclair ($14).

Yeahhhh still working on my shots with the camera... lrn2macro I guess...

Yeahhh this photo is pretty bad. Was trying to get everything into the shot so macro didn’t work, sorry guys :(. Anyways, in this platter, from the left, we have homemade brownies, chocolate peanut butter spring rolls with a caramel sauce and a raspberry sauce (plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce), ‘burgers’ that are shortbread cookies with black sesame seeds, a slice of cheese that was actually some sort of mango creation, and a chocolate ganache that was made to be a burger. Along with this were shortbread cookie fries and a “Kiss Me Kake”, which was basically a red velvet cake with a chocolate sauce over top.

Just like the decor and ambiance of the restaurant, the presentation of the Penance for Pleasure Platter was astounding. It’s crazy when you have food that looks as if it should taste a certain way, only to go in a completely different direction when you actually have it. My favorite here was the spring rolls – a crispy outer spring roll layer with a sweet chocolate and peanut butter filling. Other than that though, while everything else looked quite cute and awesome (especially those fries… you think you’re going to get salty, and then you get sweet and crumbly!) at the end of the day, I don’t think that this platter was worth $26. I mean, it was all rich and tasty, but after having some of their amazing macarons, I was expecting to be blown away. It was good, but not ‘blow me away’ status. I’ve definitely had better desserts!

See? I can actually take photos so dont hold it against me guys!

My friend’s banana split eclair also looked great (and for once, I was able to do justice to it!) but he, like myself, remarked that also has had better desserts. Still, I think the chocolate frozen yogurt and the presentation of this dish was totally stellar!

Conclusion: Despite the negative things I may have said about this restaurant, it seems to be a great location to take some female friends to hang out (I may be wrong, but don’t most girls, and in fact, people in general, like chocolate?) for the atmosphere alone. Now, I’m definitely not the authority on female hang out spots, but I would make the wager that this place would be a pretty legit place to chill for the ladies (and my female friend totally agrees). 8/10 Cheers!

PS – They’ve got some AWESOME macarons. Maybe the female reviewer of DPO can go try this place out and see if she agrees with my opinion about this place? :O


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