A while back a friend recommended that I try out Papaya, saying that it was quite delicious. Being in the area that particular day, my curiosity got the better of me and off we went! I also had to test my new camera. Please forgive these shots and timestamps… I’ve figured out how to work my camera now. Macro Mode! White Balance! The wonders of camera technology.

Forgive the timestamps 😦

Location: 545 Yonge Street
Price: $ Portions are a little small though.
Website: http://www.papayarestaurant.ca

Before I continue, I’ll just say that the lighting at this place is pretty dim. Coupled with me learning how to work my camera, the photos might not be the best.

See? Dim.

Though I guess it doesn’t actually look dim… it really is! Trust me! Please. 😦

In any case, we decided we’d order a Tom Yum Goong Soup ($5.95), a Mango Salad ($7.95), and Golden Chicken Curry ($9.95).


Those are some pretty thick wedges of mango. I enjoyed the freshness of this dish, and the mango was still firm, but sufficiently ripe and thus not sour. Despite the bad settings of my camera being unable to pick this up, this was actually a really vibrant looking dish from the assortment of colors. Despite being a vegetarian item, I think I enjoyed this dish the most… A running theme of the night was that everything would be too sweet. At least mango is SUPPOSED to be sweet — but why was my mango salad the dish with the least sweetness?


This looks like yet another veggie item. Let me ease your worries — there were shrimp in this dish, so I am not going vegetarian (no offense guys… really). That being said I really enjoyed all the veg in this dish — particularly the mushrooms and the tomatoes. There was a nice spiciness to this soup… now if only there wasn’t this odd sweet flavor there too. I could deal with it at first but by the time my friend and I were finishing this, we both noted that this was just a little… weird. It was almost syrupy.

3 for 3, one top sweet.

Okay seriously why was my curry spicy? The chicken was cooked nicely, there was a good level of spiciness, oodles of sauce, and potatoes with a nice crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. But once again, I had to dilute the sheer SWEETNESS of this dish with the rice that we were given along with this curry. Why? It’s like all the items I ordered could totally be so much more if they laid off the sweetness levels. I was not trying to eat dessert, Papaya!

Conclusion: I may sound a bit mean in my post but there’s just something really weird when the one note you remember about a dinner from a little while back is nothing but sweetness. That being said, the service was really nice and efficient! I’d probably stick to Thai Basil if I had the choice. Sorry, friend who recommended this to me. 😦 6.5/10 Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Papaya: (Too) Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

  1. so i see u moderate your comments before posting them, very sensitive(ignorant) to constructive criticism much?

    but there is a sweetness to all of the dishes because u went to a thai restaurant, and thai cuisine is all about the balance of sweet, sour and savoury…if u wanted true savoury curry, maybe you should have opted for an indian restaurant instead.

    try to do more research before you judge someone else’s food creation.

  2. Actually on WordPress the preset is that you have to moderate comments so as to help protect your blog from spam.

    PS – If you’ll notice, I have Curry at Lemongrass and Thai Basil as well. I think you should understand as well as I do that I was commenting on an excess of sweetness. Thai Basil and Lemongrass’ curry sauces are also slightly sweet, but not to the point where it overwhelms the ‘balance’ that you were talking about.

    Also, you seem at the very least slightly knowledgeable about Thai cuisine, and I feel like what’s holding you back is not your knowledge but your presentation of said knowledge. Calling someone ignorant and assuming a position of superiority do not make for good constructive criticism. So my kind suggestion to you is simply this: friendly suggestions are accepted with much less hesitation than what you have done here. Still, I appreciate your insight. Thank you!

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