What is a restobarcafe? It boggles the mind. Needless to say, this establishment has been on the top of Pacific Mall for as long as I remember, from the days of my childhood all the way to today.

A resto, a bar, and a cafe!

Location: 4300 Steeles Ave E (Top Floor)
Price: $$
Website: N/A

Right. When I was younger, I used to come to Pacific Mall all the time. Nowadays, it’s more of a rare trip for me. Still, I still remember when I used to come to Axia almost all the time as a child! How does my nostalgia hold up to reality?

This is the last blog post that will be employing my camera, methinks. Farewell, friend!

The decor of Axia hasn’t really changed… like, ever. There was once a place where they put cakes, but everything has kind of stayed the same. That being said, it holds up well. Nothing is particularly dingy or dirty, and the usage of the natural wood colors gives Axia a sort of rustic, old school appeal. When our Caucasian waitress came by, she totally surprised me and owned me by speaking in mandarin, which I do not understand at all. It was a bit of a funny experience as I asked my mom to help me translate.

Though you cannot see it, this is secretly a red bean shake.

This is a pretty standard drink in many Chinese restaurants. Sometimes the beans can be too hard, or a proper straw might not be provided, or there might not be a spoon. Fortunately, just as I remembered, the drinks are still up to snuff!

Just like liquefied mango...

This was a little sweet, but as a mango lover, I can totally deal with this. It also looks very visually appealing!

Bland. One piece of seaweed.

I feel like they probably watered down their miso soup. 😦

Bland. No piece of wakame.

Fried for too long. The shrimp’s texture was off, and everything kind of tasted like it had no flavor, even the dipping sauce. Maybe I’ve been spoiled at one point or another when it comes to good tempura?

Okay value.

At around this point, I recognized that I should be treating this place as I would a New Gen or Sushi on Bloor. That made everything more bearable. The California rolls and the salad were both at least fresh. For $12.99, this is an okay deal, coming with a little bit of everything so you can try what Axia has to offer: Japanese that’s good for a quick fix.

Conclusion: The drinks were as awesome as I remembered they were, but I suppose as I was growing up, I got to eat at many different kinds and tiers of establishments. That’s probably what’s disillusioned me to this place. That being said, the waitress was friendly throughout our meal! So at the very least, service is good. If you want a place to sit, and down some bubble tea or something with friends, this would still be a pretty good joint. Save your money for better sushi, though. 😛 6.5/10



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