Recently, a new location of a popular Korean supermarket (akin to J-Town, but much larger and Korean) opened in the York Mills area. And man, is this place cool.

Yeah, I think I'm getting better at the whole entrance photo thing.

Location: 865 York Mills Road
Price: $$$

This place is not just a simple supermarket. To note: while I was snapping photos with my camera phone, there were a bunch of people taking photos with really massive cameras everywhere. What was going on? It felt like some sort of challenge. Anyways…

They've got your fruits and vegetables.

And some pretty high quality meat.

Seriously, the marbling on some of this stuff is out of this world! Try the boneless short ribs. They’re a little expensive, but they taste so tasty with hardly any effort at all in cooking it!

Then they've got sashimi...

At around 7:30pm, everything starts becoming 30% off. A good time to start sniping really cheap, yet super fresh sashimi if you so desire. Though not pictured, they’ve also got rolls, and…

Fresh oysters!

Not as good as I thought they would be, but still, $6.45 for fresh oysters? It seemed like a pretty good deal. They were definitely fresh, but they are a much lower quality oyster than those at, say, Taro’s Fish.

The sashimi was definitely super fresh though.

We didn’t get a very large portion because we were just testing how good the sashimi was, and I have to say that we were all fairly impressed. Large cuts of quality fish for low prices? Count me in!

They've even got plates, cutlery, rice makers, washing machines... but now I'm just getting off topic.

In any case, time to look at some of the food! This *is* a food blog, after all.

The food selection is actually a little scant.

At the old Galleria, there was a large food court with a larger variety of food. Here though, other than the sushi/sashmi section, there is also a “make your own box of food” option.

Just a bit of the selection available at the buffet-table offering section.

Kinda... soggy.

Since we all shared everything that night,  I was able to have some of this food. It seemed like it had all been sitting there for a while, so the fried stuff didn’t really seem fried, and the noodles seemed a little dry, etc. I suspect if we had gone earlier that these offerings would taste better, and be hotter.

The open kitchen!

Everything that you can order on the menu is prepared here in this massive open kitchen, surrounded by mounds of possible appetizers. As the sign in the picture says, everything (other than the selections at the buffet table, it seems…) are always fresh!

The famous Pork Bone Soup.

While at first this didn’t seem spicy to me, the heat of this soup had a large build up that lingered in my mouth for a rather long time, considering I only tried a few sips. My dad and I are of the opinion that Pork Bone soup should have a massive kick of volcanic spiciness in it to be truly delicious! While this soup did fulfill that criteria, it tasted just a tad too much like a super spicy tomato soup to be my favorite. Okay, though.

Lots of noodles for a single portion...

They used high quality udon in these black bean noodles that had a somewhat springy texture in my mouth, and there were lots of vegetables and shrimp in almost every bite. The sauce was a bit sweet for my liking, and there was actually a lot of sauce left over after I finished everything else. I’m glad they didn’t skimp out on the sauce, I guess…

KFC! (Korean Fried Chicken) 😀

They used the joke at Galleria itself so I’m totally allowed to use it too. This chicken ended up being kind of flavorless, but I did wash them fry the chicken on the spot, which was a good sign. From what I read later that evening, their specialty is fried chicken slathered in some spicy sauce. Maybe next time?

No, we were not fatty enough to have cake too. Pretty, though.

To top everything else they had, along with a bakery, they also had a selection of cool looking cakes. Green tea, coffee (bottom right), cheesecake (top left corner), and tofu cheesecake (the white ones) Maybe next time? They weren’t cheap cakes, but they do look quite good.

Conclusion: I think that a further visit will be in order to judge some of their food. From what I ate from this venture, however, I gathered that they use really fresh ingredients, that you should probably stay away from the DIY section of the dining area, and that they’ve got a totally great place to hang out and walk around in after your dinner. 7.5/10

Cheers! 🙂

PS – Just hit 50 posts! w00t!


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