Who doesn’t like burgers? Simple, cheap, and filled with meaty deliciousness.

Yes, I took this picture.

Location: 987 Bay Street
Price: $ Harvey’s esque.
Website: http://www.heroburgers.com/

So I guess I’ve almost always got a bit of an itch for delicious burger meat. It’s one of those fundamental comfort foods for me that almost always taste good. I’d heard some good things about HCB, so I decided that would check it out!

I would eat that burger. Or die trying.

This particular branch is mainly run by Chinese people. They gave me exceptional (and somewhat frightening…) service, engaging me in almost endless banter with a great deal of curiosity and interest. (Where are you from? How long have you been studying? etc.) I kind of felt like I was with relatives or something. Of course, since they are not my actual relatives, this was somewhat discomforting…

In any case, I decided to just try a simple 4oz Hero Burger along with a Chocolate milkshake.

No charge condiments!

As you can see, they have an impressive selection of free add-ons to your burger. I tried to keep things simple, only adding dijon, the hero sauce, and tomatoes.

Cute wrapper. 🙂

Yes, I was on a date with my backpack.

I also rather like milkshakes. A guilty pleasure of mine, the Hero Burgers menu clearly states that these are ‘authentic’, being comprised of 90% ice cream and 10% milk. I do not know the traditional method of preparing milkshakes — I do know, however, that this was quite a tasty treat.

The bun was really quite awesome, being slightly toasted with an assortment of seeds which added flavor and texture to the already slightly crispy bread. The burger itself… eh, it passes. I suppose I could have just gotten an 8oz burger if I wanted more meaty flavor. I tasted the char, I tasted the beef, but it wasn’t quite as juicy or meaty as I would have liked. I’ve definitely had better burgers. (Milestones or Johnny Burgers for example).

Conclusion: For a fast food place though, their burger is up there with Harvey’s and I can’t fault them too much. Their service was nice, if a little frightening (be prepared if you’re Chinese and you know Mandarin or Cantonese… perhaps you should just pretend to not know how to speak either if you don’t want to get talked to too much), and their milkshakes are ‘authentic.’ I think I’ll be going back to try a bigger burger sometime in the future, and they do have vegetarian and non-beef (lol) options for burgers!




4 thoughts on “Hero Certified Burgers: Really quite Civilian.

  1. +for Johnny Burgers.

    I didn’t get a fun wrapper like that when I went. I had rather unhappy type people serve me at the King and Yonge location. Had the 8oz or bigger burger since I’m a growing boy. I shared the fries with someone else, but for $12 my experience was mediocre. Haven’t been back since.

  2. judging from this experience i think you should try another spot.. the location in Toronto General Hospital basement is slightly better (7.5/10) and another one in richmond hill would be 8/10 I think… they are not very consistent..

  3. the BEST location is at church & wellesley. the service, professional, the burgers really juicy tasty, fries are better than the bay location definitely. i don’t undersatnd how there can be such a difference in quality, i thought these things were controlled and taken care of. well, there is definitely a difference. so again, if you’re ever close by, try church and wellesley location for sure.

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