Disclaimer: the last time I took French was in grade 9, and I did nearly fail. So if I use any terrible francais, je suis very sorry. In other news, our first French food write up! Hoorah!

This was a highly difficult shot.

Location: 126A Cumberland Street (Just get off Bay Station from the Cumberland Exit)
Price: $$$ Definitely not a place you’d go to every week…
Website: http://www.jacquesbistro.com/Bienvenue.html

So this place is pretty old school. It’s been around for over 35 years, so they must be doing something right! In any case, I went here for dinner the other day for a celebration. Upon entering, my friend and I were greeted by a waitress with a distinctly French accent. Something I noted throughout the night was that everyone in fact did have a similar accent! Authenticity is always awesome.

They had a lot of artwork on the walls like this.

Kind of had to ninja this shot because I was feeling a little bad at such a formal place…

As you can hopefully see, the decor of this place is pretty old school.

In any case, after a few minutes of deliberation, my friend decided on the rainbow trout, while I went with the Pork tenderloin.

I love butter.

Before we received our meals, we were presented with complimentary bread. This bread in particular was quite awesome — perhaps I was hungry, but the crust was crispy, while the inside was slightly moist, but light and soft and full of the kind of flavor you get when you eat fresh bread. Onward to the mains!

“Les filets de truites fraîches sautés avec crevettes et champignons.” Say that three times fast!

btw my friend took this shot, not me. No hating plz. 😦 Anyhow, I was able to try a piece of the trout. Because it had been cooked perfectly, the texture of the fish was just somewhat flaky without becoming too dry or unappetizing. The freshly ground black pepper, and the juice of lemon paired perfectly with this dish, accentuating the natural flavors of the fish.

Everything on this plate was delicious. EVERYTHING.

Pork tenderloin is not a cut I usually get to eat, so I decided to try something new today instead of steak (that will come in other reviews *winkwinknudgenudgecoughcoughYamatocough*). What followed was a pretty awesome experience. The dish came bathed in this delicious orange and red Pommery mustard sauce, which I made sure to get every last drop of with the remainder of my fresh bread, the assorted vegetables, and the potatoes. It had a distinctive mustard flavor to it along with a touch of tomato. True to its name, the tenderloin was indeed very tender and juicy, and every morsel that I put into my mouth kind of melted away into a really pleasant feeling. The fresh parsley garnishing the pork added a splash of freshness and lightness to the sauce and the meat, helping to cut the richness of the dish. These homefries too were of particular note. While they do not look very special, and are indeed just potatoes, they seemed to have a really noticeable potato flavor, along with a crisp outer layer and fluffy insides. This dish was almost completely white by the time I was done with it.

Of course, we still needed dessert! As such, we ordered the Îles Flottantes (probably funnier if you imagine someone with a terrible French accent trying to say this to the waiter, only to be met with a raised eyebrow and a high degree of confusion from the waiter…), French for Floating Islands.

THEY WERE NOT FLOATING. But it did taste great.

The “Floating Islands” were two light meringes accompanied with fresh fruit, caramel, and a sweet white sauce. The awesome thing about meringes is that even though they look big, they are nothing more than egg whites and sugar. As such, it can be quite a nice dessert that is not filled to the brim with calories. While I originally thought that this might be too sweet, the meringe had just the right amount of sugar when accompanied by the caramel or the white sauce. All in all, a nice dessert to end on, though I kind of wish I tried one of the tarts or cakes instead. Alas!

As we were leaving, the waiter chased us down to have a little farewell chat with us, trying his best to be friendly until the very end of our dining experience. I thought that was a rather friendly gesture!

Conclusion: Being the first French place to be reviewed on this blog, I am glad to say that I was impressed by both the food and the service. As mentioned earlier on in this post, this is not a place to go to  every week or anything, but it’d be a great place to go to with family or on a date if you want a quaint and quiet place that serves simple, but great food.




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