Once upon a time, Krispy Kreme Donuts decided to invade Canada from the faraway land of the USA, and along with the invasion, brought with them the most deliciously airy godliness that is their original glazed donuts. They opened several factories that made fresh donuts, but due to poor business strategy (such as giving away too many free donuts), they went out of business and closed all their shops except for 1, in Mississauga.

Here’s their second attempt at inducting KK donuts into Canadian ranks. I say best of luck, and everyone should go try one before they decide to pack up and leave again.

Location: 215 Harbord Street, Toronto
Price: CHEAP! special promotion when I went – 50 cent premium donuts! 
Website: http://www.krispykreme.com/

My photography skills need serious work.

The "T" got cut off, sorry.

The little cafe is located near the intersection of Bathurst and Harbord, approximately 100 meters south of Honest Ed’s at Bathurst and Bloor. It is a very small space with counters, donut display, and maybe 3 bar stools for “dining in” should you decide to enjoy your donuts away from the weathers of out-door-ness. The cafe offers an assortment of coffee drinks, some fruit drinks, assorted pastries, and of course, donuts.



Brightly lit with big advertising photos = Tim Horton's got nothing on you, babe!

As you see, the prices are quite reasonable, so if you are in the area, why not give these cuties a shot?

Taste-wise, I believe they are far superior to your average Tim Horton’s donuts.
The dough is much lighter and airier, but not so much that it leaves you unsatisfied. Each donut has a sweetness that really hits the spot without being overwhelming, and to quote one of my donut sampling friend: “you know how the caramel centred donut just tastes like gross sugar at Timmy’s? This caramel filled donut actually tastes like wonderful caramel!” All the donuts exceed their expectations with flying colours – the custard is creamy and rich, the filling just tart enough and the perfect consistency, and the chocolate, wonderfully chocolatey. 🙂

oh retro donut box, how I missed thee...

What lies beneath...?

TREASURES! (aka really awesome donuts); clockwise from top left - chocolate caramel creme, banana cream pie, chocolate custard, frosted strawberry, raspberry glazed, and a few original glazed

Although the filled and cremed and fanciful ones were wonderful, I think my heart still belongs to the original glazed! I guess there’s a reason these are the most popular ones!! There’s even a proper way to eat them, which is to heat them in the microwave for 8 seconds per donut so that the dough is warm and fluffier while the glaze remain light and solid.


Score: 9/10
The only wish I had was that this location could be a factory store so we can enjoy FRESH donuts straight off of the donut machine conveyer, but I guess in the mean time, with no motivation to travel to mississauga, these will suffice!

Last Words:
What’s up with donuts?
Circle, Hole, both edible.
Bagels, but fatter.


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