I know most of the time I blog about restaurants and the like, but today I’d like to show you all a slightly different experience from my recent dining. I went to a special hall for a formal the other day and I happened to take some photos!

Cool Picture. I think I'm leveling up.

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd., Exhibition Place
Price: That’s a good question. This was a special offer!
Website: http://www.libertygrand.com/index2.html

This was a pretty cool place. The hall that we had rented out was quite extravagant: there was a grand piano around the entrance, and a two floor party area with multiple bars and hors d’oeuvres being served on the top floor. This also allowed me the opportunity to take some aerial shots. Good photography practice. 🙂

That's right guys. I'm learning how to take photos now.

...Maybe not.

I haven’t had much experiences with Banquet Halls, but I usually find that the food isn’t too good. Well, here at Liberty Grand, I was pleasantly surprised!

Refillable Bread Basket... 😀

Yeah, who doesn’t love a refillable bread basket with loads of different kinds of rolls and pita chips? Loading them up with those butterballs… Mmmm. Yeah I’m unhealthy, but half a butter ball per roll isn’t too bad, is it?

… Is it? >_> ANYWAYS!

Carrot. Slices.

Okay well I guess there had to be a moment of disappointment. I think the salad used fresh ingredients, but they kind of underdressed my salad and as a result everything was kind of bitter. The tomatoes were very good though, and they kind of saved this from being a complete failure. My friend and I have been talking about this. It seems that tomatoes make things taste good; almost an easy mode for cooking!

Looks almost... solid...

It was a really, really thick butternut squash/pumpkin soup. It was also flavored with cinnamon and cumin, and I added a little bit of black pepper for myself. I found that while this was a particularly rich soup, the different flavors worked together for a rather yummy second course. Also, I was mentally asking for my server to give me a little extra soup, and somehow, they acquiesced even without me saying anything! That was definitely impressive.

Beware tomato bombs!

Mmmm. Chicken Leg and chicken breast in a red wine reduction served with mashed potatoes, asparagus, mini pearl onions, carrot, and tomatoes. This was the most pleasant surprise of the night. The chicken was tender, juicy, and flavorful, with the additional flavor of the red wine reduction coming through for an additional depth of flavor. It really was a lovely sauce. The pearl onions were a really cute addition to this dish as well — they’re about the size of peanuts, and they’re not as pungently flavored as regular onions. Instead you get a kind of more subtle note of onion taste, which ends up flavoring your palate while eating the other items. My one complaint though is this – they did not warn me about those blasted tomatoes! I poked my fork in them and somehow the juices ended up flying EVERYWHERE! Some of it got onto my dress shirt. My fault, I suppose, but they could have told me that they had injected the tomatoes with a can of tomato juice before serving them to me.

Strawberry shortcake, blueberry pie, who's gonna...

The second pleasant surprise of the night came in the form of a massive hunk of strawberry shortcake with some berries accompanying it on the side. After the other three courses, this was a very sizable portion. That didn’t stop me and most of the others of my table from devouring this magnificent cake, though. I found that it wasn’t too sweet, and that it had a very noticeable strawberry flavor to it unlike some other strawberry shortcakes. The mini chunks of strawberry probably helped. 🙂

Conclusion: I don’t feel like I can give a place like this a ranking, but I do hope you enjoyed the pictures! This at the very least was a good opportunity to work on my photography. Cheers!


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