Went to a free trial for a class — ended up going way too early, so what was I supposed to do? I soon had to do copious amounts of exercise. Going to eat a greasy, fried poutine for an energy boost, of course!

Fried, greasy, unhealthy, and delicious.

Location: 578 Queen Street W
Price: $6-$11
Website: http://smokespoutinerie.com/main.html

So I have a bit of an unhealthy streak sometimes I guess. But y’know, poutine is delicious, and everyone deserves to indulge themselves every once in a while! I was getting hungry anyways and this, I reasoned, would hit the spot.

Can you guys make out ANYTHING?

I was going to take a decor picture but all the pretty colors caught my attention. Fortunately I do at least remember what Smokes’ interior looks like! There’s like ten stools worth of sitting space and a couple of small tables where you can sit down and chow down on your poutine. At the front they’ve got your napkins, ketchup, salt, pepper, etc if you need it.

Now personally I like to keep things traditional, so I had a small classic poutine just so I could have a nice snack.

A big snack.

This would probably be a viable lunch for some readers with smaller stomachs. I’m not super into poutine but I have had my fair share of poutine from all around, and I’ve got to say the gravy and curds here are pretty darn awesome. There’s an extra tone of a meaty flavor in the sauce, and the cheese curds did in fact squeak a little as I chewed on them in my mouth (apparently a mark of fresh cheese curds!) the fries were crispy, and in short, it was a delectable snack of deep-fried happiness.

Just for fun.

Smoke’s also has different soft drinks that come from “The Pop Shoppe”. Curious, I tried one, but I think I’ll just stick to regular root beer in the future if I ever return. They’re pretty much the same, but it costs like a buck extra to get this glass bottle variant of root beer.

Conclusion: To be completely honest, I’m not too big of an authority on poutine. However, I did enjoy all the flavors and textures, and I would totally go back to try some of their more unique variants such as the pulled pork poutine, or the beef peppercorn poutine. Maybe someone who’s eaten more poutine can go here and tell me what they thought of the grub? I’m going to give this joint a solid 7.5/10. Wasn’t blown away, but to their credit, I didn’t feel gross after eating it like I would if I had a NYF Poutine or something.



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