much shinier than the old name sign

Salad King

Location: 340 Yonge St. (upstairs of Footlocker at Yonge and Elm St.)

Price: $


For patrons old and new, Salad King’s return to Toronto is much welcomed. *Insert reference to phoenix rebirth*

Salad King is essentially The fast-friendly-delicious Thai restaurant in the heart of downtown toronto, minutes walk from The Eaton Centre. For those of you unaware, it was burnt down in a fire a while ago due to “electrical” issue, and has now reopened across the street from its old location at Yonge/Elm.

The restaurant is canteen-style, with people sitting across from each other on communal benches and long tables, and the new location now offers some normal individual booth style tables to up the class just  a wee bit. (but you might need reservations for these? I’m not sure how one goes about to acquire a booth)

The decor is simple with mostly stainless steel surfaces (tables) and wood/metal chair/benches, and the ambience is… hustling and bustling.

The menu is simple and consist of 1 page in a placemat format, with a special Salad King spicyness scale I find extremely disporportional. (the scale ranges from mild-medium through 1-20 chilis, but I’ve only ever heard of someone tolerating 3 chilis… disporportion is BAD!)

For food offerings, check out the menu online. The take out/online menu is the exactly the same with the dine-in menu, and here’s a sample of our eatings:

Basil Chicken, Mango Salad, and Green Chicken Curry

Personally, I’m not a fan of such extreme noisiness, and everytime I give dining-in another chance, I end up leaving the restaurant tired and grumpy. I dislike having to yell over other people just to chit-chat with my co-eater, and even worse I find myself too frequently zoning out of eatings and zoning into other people’s conversations. Too much awkward. Oh and everyone sits realllllly close to you. reallllllly close.


Food-wise though, Salad King is awesome.

As you see from the photo, My reserved palate and I decided to get a mild basil chicken, which is probably the least spicy item on the menu (read: zero spicy), and it was alright. The chicken was tender and the basil was basil-y.. but otherwise nothing special. The mango salad was also meh, solely consisting of mango.. strings. (and also very sour)..

The green curry on the other hand, was awesome as always. The perfect balance between creamy-coconut-y and curry-spiciness, with a sweet first taste followed by a fiery after-taste. This is a must-get for everyone that comes to Salad King, HIGHLY ENDORSE! and on that note, the Satay Beef with their signature peanut sauce is another gold crown item here. I would say hands down the BEST SATAY beef skewer I have ever had. EVER.

For other foods, I have heard mixed reviews about the phud thai (I personally am not a fan of phad thai .. so unqualified to judge). The shrimp rolls and spring rolls are your run-of-the-mill deep fried goods, and the 2 salads (WHY SALAD KING? and only offer 2 salad?) kind of suck. But the Orange Chicken and Veggie dishes are quite good and hearty, and their Evil Jungle Prince is definitely a favourite among the vegetarian friends of mine.
Score: 7/10 (if the food wasn’t so good, I dont think I would ever return due to the noisiness)

last words:

Want to protect mouth?

Order cautiously, you know

Spicy Scale is wrong.


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