Back in the day, J-Town (which I covered here) and Taro’s Fish used to be in the same small mall. Even though there is now a replacement for Taro’s Fish in J-Town, my dad and I have personally always remembered Taro’s Fish quality to be a cut above the new seafood area. Not to mention, Taro’s Fish was better at cutting fish, and they would always have different kinds of oysters that they would shuck for you if you wanted them. So when I accidentally rediscovered Taro’s Fish via the wonders of the internet, my family went on a little food adventure.

\o\ /o/ \o/

Location: 800 Sheppard Ave. E
Price: Not exactly cheap, but the stuff is quality stuff!

Yeah it’s a little out of the way for most people, but I personally think it’s worth the trek for good quality stuff. At least every once in a while.

That's just some of the selection from one of the sections...

They’ve got particularly good takoyaki. Now this isn’t the standard, small takoyaki that you’d get at most other places. These are massive, meaty homemade octopus balls that are stuffed full of goodness. They’ve also got onigiri, and selections of cooked fish and even small bentos with fish and some assorted little appetizers. Since we had actually come for lunch, from this section, we had the special miso-mirin marinated black cod. The fish was fresh, and the powerful miso and mirin combination added a delightful extra punch to the cod.


Okay, they had 5 different selections of oysters from all over the place. BC, PEI, Japan… you catch my drift. In any case, these were all extremely fresh — very very very very VERY very important when it comes to eating raw stuff, but particularly so when it comes to oysters. Otherwise they taste all bitter and disgusting. :< They’re kinda like bites of the sea. I watched the guy shuck all the oysters himself!

Quality AND Quantity! I wish I just eat all of that right now...

Assorted rolls of all kinds. California, dynamite, tamago, futomaki, spicy salmon… I believe we got the spicy salmon rolls to try. Definitely several tiers above standard AYCE spicy salmon fare! There’s a lot of selection in this section too, as you may note in the top right hand corner.

I assure you this is a close up of a larger section!

They’ve got your regular tuna, then they’ve got your bluefin tuna. All sorts of fishy goodies await you at this section, and they actually have another side (iirc, I’ve only been here once! I don’t think my memory will fail me that easily, though…) that stocks sashimi platters in the refrigerator. The fish here is definitely better than the stuff at Sakanaya, even if they don’t offer cool specials like Sakanaya @ J-Town.

Now you may all be wondering, why haven’t I posted pictures of anything that I ATE? There’s a very simple explanation for that, you see…

Aptly titled, "Taro Oops".

Yeah I totally ate all of it before remembering that I was supposed to take pictures. Can you all forgive me?

Conclusion: If you like Japanese and you’re willing to take a small trek, this place is totally for you. Definitely not a place you go to every week, but I think it’d be a great place to spoil yourself to some awesome stuff to go. Remember! They’ve got very limited seating space. They are a market first. But even if you buy it and take it all home, it’ll still be delicious. 🙂 9/10 Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Taro’s Fish: I wish this place was still in J-Town :(

  1. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I love going to J-Town when it’s summer for their shaved ice; the apple one’s the best!

    OH and yes, their sashimi, fish, and other yummy foods are so good.

    have you tried the melon pan at the bakery??? SO. GOOD.

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