A place I’ve been going to a lot ever since my first year at university is Gabby’s. Now, while their old Bloor street location ‘closed’ recently, a new one opened up pretty much right next to it. I was curious, and I wanted to foodblog. Win win scenario!

The familiar entrance plate. 🙂

Location: 192 Bloor St W
Price: $$
Website: http://www.gabbys.ca/

Yay for bars! Perfect for when you’ve got a random hankering to eat unhealthily. Gabby’s in particular I’ve always found has pretty good food, decent service, and an easily accessible location that closes at 2 am.

They've also got some nifty daily specials.

Because Gabby’s is so big, they’ve also got a nice website and a nice established list of specials. I’ve only ever been to this location so I can’t vouch for the rest but I do rather enjoy their unhealthy bar food when I’m in the mood for it! And besides, I had to food blog about something, right? So I decided to get really full.

Before that, here's a picture of what it looks like from the inside. So you know you're in the right place. 🙂

They’ve got loads of little plaques and old signs. As I gaze upon this picture I realize too late that I should have taken a picture of their rather large bar. Oh well!

Nommy Guinness.

There’s something about Guinness that is simply lovely. Of course Guinness is not a trademark of this restaurant, but I can say that it was $6.84. Worth it? Unsure. Tasty? Yes. 🙂

The reason for the Guinness 😉

At this point, the astute may point out that yes, it was worth it! But why? In an earlier picture, I revealed the daily specials. As I went on a Monday, this meant it was 49cent wing night! With purchase of a drink. So by purchasing the Guinness, I unlocked cheap and delicious, cripsy honey garlic wings with peppercorn ranch sauce that would have otherwise costed me double. Who doesn’t love wings? I’ve not been all over the place sampling wings everywhere, but I have had them at lots of bars and restaurants. Gabby’s definitely holds up! Crispy outer layer, nice honey flavor with a small garlic kick… It kind of feels like you can never have enough!


Who doesn’t love a good steak sandwich? Sadly, this one was just okay. On special, though! However, there was simply too much barbecue sauce. The meat itself was fine, not chewy or tough at all, but while I’m sure some people like their sandwiches saturated with BBQ sauce, I for one appreciate a more minimalistic beefy flavor. Alas, I have memories from my childhood, indulging in delicious cheap steak sandwiches at such places as Summerfield and Diana Sweets (Does anyone even know what those are anymore? Or is this a sign of my age?) The fries were pretty average stuff. There was a lot of them though and at least they tasted good.

Conclusion: Definitely my go-to bar when I’m in the area. And since they’ve just renovated, it looks extra nice! Worth checking out. Did I mention they’ve got an awesome Fish and Chips? I might go back during the special day. 7/10 Cheers!

PS – I took the last two picture with one hand! Don’t hate. LOL


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