The last time I went here was two years ago, back when Mio was still Sushi Star. I remember being unimpressed. Fortunately, Mio seems to have turned over a new leaf.

Working on my style shots.

Location: 440 Spadina Ave
$ Very cheap! $11.99 with an odd 10% student discount for all you can eat Japanese at lunch? That’s totally a steal.

My friend decided to take me here on account of my professed love for Japanese food whilst taking into account our meager student pockets. Of course, I was also going out with him to hang out with him for his birthday. In any case, upon going inside, I noticed a great upgrade to the decor from this spot’s Sushi Star days.

Hidden booths! A couple was breaking up close to where we were dining. Awkward...

In any case, we were presented with a dim-sum esque menu where we could order as much as we wanted!

I went conservatively apeshit.

Before anyone wants to question my friend and I’s ability to eat, let me mention that he was sick. Ergo, we were not going full out on the ordering! I didn’t take pictures of some of the more standard things, like miso soup, and the tofu appetizer. In any case… Some of the highlights were:

Mmm spring rolls. Mmmm gyoza. mmm tempura. mmmm fried.

Who doesn’t love fried stuff? Healthy people. Who cares about healthy people? No one. (I mean no actual offense to healthy eaters! They’re awesome. Trust me, I would know.) I love fried food. So do you. Let’s all get along. Sad to say, the sauce for all of these fried items was a watery sweet and sour sauce. Kind of an odd choice? Oh well. I just had them plain and the friedness made it delicious enough.

A very conservative amount of sushi.

I suppose while it’s standard for AYCE sushi lunches that there is no sashimi option, I do find it nice whenever they do. So I was a little sad when all of these slices of fish came with a small hunk of rice engineered to fill my friend and I up faster so that we order less fish, in turn increasing the profits of the people at Mio. Oh well, it’s business, and all the fish was awwwlright. HOWEVER!~ The best part of this meal was what came next.

Spicy. Crispy. Salmon-y. Goodness. And I do not mean the california rolls.

The California rolls were very standard. Nothing to write to home about.

Now that the Cali rolls are out of the way…

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. These crispy spicy salmon and crispy spicy imitation crab rolls were so good! A perfect amount of saltiness, spiciness assaulting the mouth, and crispy tempura bits added additional texture along with a tinge of a fried flavor which matched great with the rest of the flavors of these rolls.

Conclusion: If you guys end up going to Mio (and if you go to UofT St. George Campus, this is probably the closest AYCE sushi place on campus) DEFINITELY order the spicy crispy rolls. They are friggen delicious. The rest of the stuff is all fairly standard, but there were no particular fuck ups. I’m going to give this place a solid 7.5/10.



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