I’ve been meaning to blog about this place for a while now. I always tell people to go to J-Town, and everyone always goes, “Huh? J-Town? Wuzzat?” So now, I present to you the bakery, market, cafe, fish store, meat shop, sushi place AND MORE that is J-Town!

The snow gives this a pretty cool effect. It'd better, it was like -22C outside!

Location: 3160 Steeles East, Markham
Price: There are some deals, but there is also some really pricey stuff (Read: Wagyu, which is like Kobe beef can run you up to $75/lb. Fresh uni can cost you $22 per one uni, etc).
Website: http://www.jtown.ca/English/index_e.shtml

Okay so J-Town is NOT just a restaurant, which is why I think it’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like a mini-Japanese mall. There’s a cosmetics store that I didn’t cover, along with two other three other restaurants (an Izakaya in the vein of Guu, another cafe that serves western food like pasta with a Japanese style, and Niwatei, a ramen house). Inside the market area, there is a bakery, a cafe that serves curry, burgers, udon, and soba, more hearty, non-raw Japanese food. They have a mini-market where you can buy Japanese goods like Ponzu soy sauce, bonito flakes, Japanese instant noodles, and Japanese drinks.

That little girl noticed me trying to sneakily take pictures of the cafe! Not ninja enough for the Japanese. 😦

Their boston creams are amazing! They've got turtle bread, cream coronet, and melon bread too.

NOTE: The turtle bread is just bread shaped like a turtle, which chocolate inside.

In addition to that, they also have a meat shop, which stocks berkshire pork, wagyu beef, and other such expensive delicacies and a small dollar store where you can buy such things as window screen patchers, umbrellas, pencilcases, pencil crayons, and the like.

For my trip here today, I ended up eating in the fish store area, which has some awesome lunch specials.

Uni! Ikura! Low prices! =D

Cooked fishies!

My mother and I ended up ordering the lunch special #1 for $8.88 a piece, while my dad ordered a tempura udon ($5.88). They all came with soup, tea, and an assortment of appetizers. We also got a small sashimi plate to share.


Fairly simple, but according to my dad, they used quality udon noodles which had a bit of a springy texture rather than just going all mushy in your mouth. The tempura retained some of its crispiness, and the monk fish was marinated in soy and miso to give it a distinct salty, deliciously fishy taste. On the side, my dad was also given an onigiri to wrap himself. I do not know what was inside it, but onigiri is really cool.


The sashimi platter contained salmon, salmon belly, tuna, tuna belly, monk fish, and white fish.

A little overpriced for $15.99... good, though.

Being a fish store, the sashimi here was quite fresh. Definitely on par with Sushi Couture, and as such, I don’t really have any complaints. I guess the monkfish had an odd texture to it here, but it still tasted pretty good, so it’s all good!

Lots of stuff for $8.88!

Rice, marinated monkfish, sashimi, tempura, miso salmon, imitation crab, and loads of vegetables, all for $8.88? I’ve got to say I really liked the spread here. It tasted good and they managed to give me a taste of pretty much everything that they offer here. Well played, J-Town.

I didn't order this or anything but I think it's one of the better pics I took. So there!

Conclusion: This is a solid place to eat Japanese if you’re ever in the area. I don’t just mean sushi, because they offer many faucets of Japanese cuisine here. I’ve not tried all of it yet, but I promise you I’ll remember to blog about it when I do try Niwatei, Izakaya, and the Japanese European cafe. I’m going to throw down a 8.5/10.

Just for kicks, I found a pretty awesome picture related to this posting, so here we go! Disclaimer: This is photoshopped. They do not serve it at J-Town.

Though I wish they did. 😦



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