Now, I was wondering how on earth I was going to get through my backlog. Then I realized: instead of doing a bunch of long posts, why not do one, big, epic post? PS – I started watching How I Met Your Mother. Great show! As such, however, you may notice an influx of bad HIMYM jokes. Onward!

This will be in no particular order.

Johnny Burgers

Mmm. Baby beef.

Location: 2595 Victoria Park Avenue
Price: $4-7

This is good stuff. It’s in a bit of a random spot but guys, their burgers are the real deal — my dad, my mom and I were hungry one cold, wintry night, and what better way to warm ourselves up then to indulge in delicious, nommylicious burger-eating?  They’ve got hotdogs, milkshakes, fish and chips, burgers… all the standard stuff you’d find at an old school fast food joint for bargain prices. If you can get over the fact that you’re eating baby cow, the breaded veal burger is particularly delicious.


Tako Sushi

Raw lobster. Yeah! This is what you missed, David.

Location: 1300 Don Mills Road
Price: Fairly good deals — depends on what you order. Pretty standard price for Japanese.

Okay so I was reaaaallly psyched about this place because my friends and I had booked it to have our annual winter get together. They even had raw lobster sashimi, something I’ve been dying to try at least once! Sadly, I didn’t end up having it, but my friend who did claimed that it was reminiscent of eating shrimp both in terms of flavor and texture. That’s somewhat disappointing. Fortunately, another friend of mine who studies in BC claims that the lobster sashimi over there is one of the most delicious things that she has ever eaten. I guess I’ll save my raw lobsterginity for if I ever manage to get to BC!

By the way this place was awwlright. I think I hyped it up for myself too much. They’ve got some pretty nice meal deals. The fish wasn’t really fresh, but it was at an acceptable standard, and they had rather delicious California rolls. (As usual… Sushi Couture has my heart. I don’t know why I bother reviewing any other Japanese places, since I always end up liking Sushi Couture’s freshness–>cost ratio the most.)



Legend has it that my friend once had 20 of these in one sitting, by himself. True story.

Location: 4810 Sheppard Avenue East
Price: They’ve got non AYCE  options but no one ever goes there for those. The All You Can Eat Buffets are where it’s at. Can run you up to $30, but sometimes you can get away with around $26. Depends on the day and whether or not you sit at the robata grills.

Of course, when you’re talking about all you can eat sushi buffets, that’s a different story. Especially when you add that Tenichi’s teppanyaki tables offer oodles of made to order sirloin steak cubes of juicy awesome goodness. And oh yeah. Everyone loves these mango shooters, pictured above. On a good day, I can have ten of these, but I was going to be dieting soon so I opted to only have 4 or 5. I did manage to hook my entire family and all of my relatives onto mango shooters though. Between ten people I think we had 40? That’s pretty rad.


Christmas Home Cooking

Haveeee you met my stomach?

Location: Meat Heaven
Website: 😉

I had 1.5lbs of this delicious prime rib. And it was LEGENDARY. I wasn’t sure whether or not to put pictures of my cooking at home up, but then I thought to myself and realized — I’m sure almost anyone looking at a food blog is bound to have a fine appreciation for food porn, and this is a definite orgasm on the meter of deliciousness.


Whitesides Terrace Grille

I was getting way too many weird looks to take pictures of the buffet spread. Apologies. 😦

Location: 2035 Kennedy Rd.
$37.50 a head

I have no idea how my dad did, but he had like six or seven whole lobsters (thus, 12-14 half lobsters)! To be honest, for $37.50, I was kind of not happy with this meal. The only thing that was really good was the roast lamb. I only had a couple lobsters because after the first one, the rest kind of tasted kind of soggy, weird, and unfresh. Oh, and there was a swimming pool downstairs with an open balcony. I could kind of smell the chlorine and I could definitely hear all the kids squealing. Despite how unimpressed I sound though, I still downed six plates of food. Might as well get my money’s worth, right?

Seoul Garden

Turtle plate! 😀 TURTLE PLATE! :DDD Oh and there’s a fish too.

Location: 4350 Steeles Avenue East
$7-13 for lunch. AYCE Lunch Buffet is $10+tax. Oh and they’ve got endless free appetizer plates like all good Korean places!

While not as good as they used to be a couple years ago, Seoul Garden is still a perfectly serviceable restaurant @ Market Village. They’ve got cheap food, a nice ambiance, and it’s generally not very crowded. You get served fast, you get loads of free appetizers, and they recently got new nonstick grills that will make AYCE Korean meat time much easier for anyone who would like to try. 😉


AND WITH THAT, I have obliterated my backlog in a single, fell swoop. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, an awesome new year, and a LEGENDARY winter break! I’m back from mine and I’m ready to do some blogging! How’s Winterlicious looking for everyone? If you actually know me, feel free to chat me up so we can all discuss all the awesome restaurants that will be taking part in Winterlicious 2011! God knows no one can go to all the restaurants by themselves. Picture sharing and experience sharing as a second hand experience is thus the best that we can do!



5 thoughts on “First Update of the Year!: Various Restaurants

  1. I RSS your page so I can have first comment before all your other facebook friends. ha.

    By the By, I recommend Yang’s in Richmond Hill for some happy shark-fin soup-ing :] weldrick+bayview=excellent
    definitely the highlight of my foodbreak 😀

    oh and go review Buk Chang Dong for some legendary tofu soup 🙂 2 locations!! yeaa

    (I had a lot of soup this break)

      • I’ve only been to the north york one actually… waited in line for the bloor one twice but gave up and chose other foods due to line up.. I WILL EAT THERE 1 DAY!
        with only 9 dishes on the menu I would think the cooking is pretty standard, so go forth grasshopper!

        AND going to Asuka sushi in yorkville tomorrow (been there years ago, good price, dont know why I forgot about it until now) I believe it will be a worthy adversary to … Sushi Couture *gasp*

        I hope you will say “challenge accepted”

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