Food enthusiasts of Toronto unite! From January 28th to February 10th, one hundred and fifty of Toronto’s best restaurants are offering great deals on their gourmet cuisine!  A Winterlicious Lunch can run anywhere from between $15-$25. A Winterlicious dinner can be between $25-$45, drinks not included.

For those who are unaware, Winterlicious is when several of Toronto’s best restaurants offer special ‘prix fixe’ menu options, which are usually three course meals that come with a few possible selections of appetizer, a main, and dessert.

While many of the restaurants, such as Canoe and Auberge du Pommier are rather well known, their $45 price tags can really put a dent in a would-be customer’s wallet or purse.

Of course, there are many strategies for restaurants — some prefer to go to the big name, $45 dinner locations because the big name implies quality, while others look towards the quality of the ingredients used by the restaurants.

Remember to note that some places will attempt to play slight tricks on you. I not-so-fondly recall my first highschool experience of Summerlicious. I ordered a steak, expecting a delicious, large portion of delicious steak that I would be able to nomnomnom. After my wait, I was rewarded with a thin, minuscule slice of beef that did not match up to expectations at all. The lesson learned from this is two fold: 1) if you’re looking for quantity, perhaps Winterlicious may NOT be for you and 2) If you insist on looking for quality, the restaurants that actually tell you how big their steaks are will ensure whether or not you have a big portion or not, since some of the restaurants choose not to.

From my experience, sometimes restaurants will offer nearly identical choices for lunch and dinner, but during dinner they will usually have one or two more expensive appetizers replacing one of the cheap filler ones during lunch time. As well, they will have one or two more expensive mains. The main difference though from what I’ve noticed is that the size of the dishes varies largely between lunch and dinner. Lunch of course is much smaller — dinner portions can at least fill up the average person decently.

There are 150 restaurants to choose from. Which one will YOU choose?


(PS – Next up; OMAKASE! So many pictures :D)


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