It’s kind of surprising, but this is the first review I’ve done of a place at Scarborough Town Centre (STC). So without further adieu… Moxies!

Totally noticed the hostess staring me down as I took photos...

Location: 215 – 300 Borough Drive
Price: $50 for 2

Upon entering, we were promptly and cheerfully taken to a table by a hostess that had not been staring me down as I took photos of their entrance. A good theme that I noticed while eating here is that the service was really nice and friendly. It always adds a couple points to the restaurant for me. In any case, my mom and I decided to get the slow roasted pork tenderloin and the salmon & prawns with cappelini. Though the restaurant was not really full, it still took a long long time (25+ minutes) for our food to arrive.

At this point, my mother has become accustomed to me taking pictures of food before eating it.

The sauce for this tenderloin was a little odd. It was a soured cherry ‘sauce’ with the cherries still intact. There was an intriguing (not exactly in a good way) quality to it, because it was sweet, sour, and tart almost to the point of bitterness. When combined with the salty pork, this was somewhat weird. The pork itself had been ‘roasted’ for too long and as such was dry. My mom kept commenting about how hard the meat was to cut.The fingerling potatoes were nice, though.

Don't get this.

Bland, almost sauceless, dry salmon, and three or four ‘prawns’ do not a good pasta make. There was some olive oil on the bottom which I assume was their sauce, but there was not nearly enough of it, making the rest of the pasta nearly clump together.

The plate looks like a shield.

Because my mom kept asking if I wanted dessert and I am at heart a glutton, I could not resist the urge to order the special tiramisu that was on the featured menu. When it came, I noticed that it lacked any coffee flavor at all. Indeed, it was almost too sweet from the honey, though I imagine those of us with bigger sweet tooths than I might be able to enjoy this.

Verdict: The best part about this Moxies was its awesome service. When two items on your featured menu and one on your regular menu are all subpar though, that definitely is not a good thing. If you’re too lazy to walk or drive to Milestones/Swiss Chalet (both right outside the Sears entrance past the parking lot), the Canyon Creek (similar prices, Canyon Creek has better food), or Jack Astors, and you don’t mind sometimes waiting for inordinately long times for your food to arrive, go here.

5.5/10 (a pass because the server was nice)



2 thoughts on “Moxies @ STC: Great service; subpar food.

  1. Apparently the white chocolate brownie is supposed to be good, the rest of the food looks weird though lol At least the service was nice [I recommend Milestones]

    Can I guest star on your blog one day Jeff?

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