Not going to lie. At once ate at this place THREE times in ONE week. I guess this my dad’s Sushi Couture, huh?

I'm really starting to get used to this whole taking pictures thing!

Location: Intersection of Huntingwood and Birchmount in the plaza next to the church with a Daisy Mart (:D)
Price: Fairly inexpensive. Depends what you order though.  (ie. Getting lobsters might be pretty expensive)
Website: N/A

This is pretty much my dad’s go to restaurant when we’re all too lazy to cook. It offers pretty good chinese grub for a decent price. For today, we decided to order sweet & sour pork, bak choi with garlic, simple chinese chicken, and a steamed bass with soy sauce and green onions.

My father, the expert soup scooper.

To start, we recieved a complimentary chinese soup. Now for those of you who know how chinese soups work better than I do, let’s just say this was an amazingly flavorful stock with pork bones and tremella fuciformis (I didn’t want to call it snow fungus, a common ingredient in chinese soups… it’s actually really healthy for you and it tastes like nothing!)

And the race for the boneless pieces of chicken began.

I wish I knew exactly what they did to this chicken to make the skin so tasty and the meat so tender and juicy. At some places, the chicken is dry and almost flaky, but the problem was not present here. The standard green onion/ginger sauce is given here to accompany the chicken dish and it adds a nice saltiness to the already well-flavored chicken.

AKA the dish everyone knows about.

Deep fried pieces of pork with a pleasantly sweet and sour sauce. At some places, the outer layer of the pork has long since lost its crunch because it sits steeped in sauce for too long. Such is not the case for this restaurant, where the outer layer of the pork remains nice and crispy because the sauce is only tossed in soon before it is served. All in all, a good dish and a crowd favorite.

Moments before I tried to properly dissect it. I failed -- but I will learn how to do it soon.

A nice traditional chinese dinner is not complete without a steamed fish option. The soy sauce that comes with this fish is particularly delicious because the oils of the fish become integrated with the sauce, providing it with a new depth of flavor. Adding this soy sauce to rice makes it pretty darn good. THe onions and parsley also help to add freshness to the fish.

Despite not particularly liking fish, this was cooked very well. The meat was not overcooked and tough, but tender and smooth. By the way guys, the cheek is the smoothest and most delicious part of the fish.

The cheek!

Check it out. If you dare!

I like complimentary things.

They don’t always have the mango pudding, but they’ll usually include it alongside  standard red bean dessert soup when it is available. A good finish to a solid meal!

Verdict: Okay, even though I’ve been here WAYYY too many times I’ve still got to admit this is a solid restaurant to eat at if you want some chinese food. Damn my father for having a good taste in food!


Dad’s Rating: 101203129321732189371231/10 (not really, he only gives it an 8/10 as well)



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