One fateful Friday evening, my friend asked me if I would like to chill at the new Café Mirage that had opened recently in Richmond Hill close to the Destiny Café and the Go for Tea. Recalling pleasant experiences at the Kennedy Commons location, I agreed.

The entranceboard is a mirage.

Location: 160 York Blvd

Price: Pretty pricey imo. $8.50 Guinness pints?



When we were led inside, we noticed that the décor was quite nice. We were led to a set of long tables with comfortable seating on both sides. All of us decided to order a variety of items, made possible by Café Mirage’s highly versatile menu what with desserts, all day breakfast (at 10:30 pm, no less. Oh Jack) wraps, pizzas, pastas, steaks, bar fare, etc. The following things (this is based off of memory) were ordered: Back Bacon Brunch ($10), Albacore Salmon Wrap ($11), 2lb Buffalo Wings with two flavors (honey garlic and medium for $18),  along with various coffees, hot chocolates, and alcoholic beverages. I had the aforementioned $8.50 Guinness pint.


The beer of champions.


On the bright side, when everything arrived, it did look good.


At least it looks nice.


My friend’s albacore tuna wrap was very dry, and lost flavor points because it was too dry to really taste many of the flavors properly. The salad was alright – nothing special. In fact, it looks a little wilted from this (admittedly very bad quality) picture.


I think my wrap friend should have got this instead. Jack has a good eye.


Jack’s back bacon breakfast was rather good according to him – everything had been cooked right, and the bacon was not too salty. But I don’t (my friend Dave agrees…) think that you should call your breakfast “back bacon breakfast” if you’ve only got two slices of back bacon on it. In the immortal words of Dave, “I could just as easily call it Strawberry Breakfast. And who has a salad for breakfast?”


It's hard to do wings wrong. I like how they separated the wings!


The wings that I shared with a few friends were alright at best. They weren’t particularly bad, but I’ve had better at the likes of Gabby’s. Plus, on Mondays and Wednesdays, Gabby’s 2lb of wings only costs $13.75 (shameless plug)!

Verdict: All in all, the Kennedy Commons location was far more pleasing in the food department. Perhaps I should have stuck to dessert though – I could have easily gotten a dessert crepe instead of a pint of beer for the same cost. Cheers!


PS – Taking a proper picture of the entrance sucked ass.



  1. Very honest review, I quite enjoyed it. I am now going to email the Food Network so that I can begin discussing your contract for your new show! 🙂 Btw I am your manager lol

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