Feeling  a little saddened over my painfully average little steamer buns and pan-fried dumplings at Asian Legend, I was eager to go to Mother’s Dumplings to satisfy my hunger for good dumplings! Oh, and amazingible = amazing+incredible.

Good Picture, if I do say so myself.

Location: 421 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON M5T 2G6

Price: $38.00 for three people, tax and tips included (my guest stars and I sampled five dishes). Dishes range from $5.50 to $13.55

Website: http://www.mothersdumplings.com/menu.html (Warning: ghetto website!)

A rare decor picture.

Having two trigger-happy (with their cameras, friends) guest stars with me for this excursion allowed me ample opportunity to take décor shots galore. As a side note, I am absolutely SURE the waiting staff were giving us strange looks because every dish that arrived on our table would be immediately followed by multiple flashes of our phone cameras.

Thus I can take mundane pictures like this.

In any case, we decided to order the little steamer buns (not little dragon balls, my more Chinese-fluent friend corrects), pan-fried pork and bak choi dumplings, steamed pork and chive dumplings, noodles with pan-fried bean sauce, and a won-ton soup.

Lots of wrapper people. And behold, is that a garden I see off in the distance?!

The first thing we noticed was that they had a panel of wrappers making all the dumplings fresh! That was pretty impressive and indicative of the pleasant surprises to come.


Our noodles ($6.70) were the first to arrive. I think for the portion size they gave us, this was not a very good value. They also skimped on the meat sauce. Come on! It did taste good though, and if they had given us better portions this would have been a rather good dish.


Don't judge a book by its cover, I suppose.

Second to arrive were the pan-fried dumplings ($6.95 for 10). Now, initially, we were all saddened. If you will recall in my posting of Asian Legend, dumplings that are usually wrapped in this more ‘chubby’ fashion usually do not taste good. However, upon actually consuming this delectably wrapped dumpling, my theory was thankfully, for once proven wrong. The meat was fresh and juicy, and the wrapping was the perfect thickness. The pan-fry added an extra level of flavor to the dish that made it our favorite dish of the day!

Also known as big ass steamer buns.

The little steamer buns ($6.10 for 8 ) next. Immediately, my two friends both noted that these seemed more like “big steamer buns”, seeing as they were approximately 50% larger than normal. The wrapping for this was almost paper thin – which highlights their wrapping skill. The meat was not too dense, but instead almost melted in our mouth. Nomnomnom.

The side angle!

After a failed collective attempt to remove the steamer buns, we had a somewhat unique version of pork and chive steamed dumplings ($6.25 for 10). A surprising amount of chive had been added to the dumpling which made it seem like a more healthy, more subtle-tasting dish.

I took a bad picture because the soup was bad.

Lastly, our won-ton soup arrived. It was not unique at all. But it was only $1.30. I think we were supposed to add dumplings to it, but we decided to have all the dumplings on their own instead. Oh well!


To highlight how much we enjoyed our meal, behold! Not a bite left to spare. We EVEN FINISHED ALL THE TEA!

Verdict: Best dumplings I’ve had in Toronto. Thanks mother(‘s dumplings)! To be honest, it’s not even that pricy, and seeing a panel of wrappers wrapping away is just a cool experience. Plus they have a garden. Thank you, guest stars!




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