A happy accident back in first year, though! In a rush to get lunch after not having breakfast and undergoing a two hour drama rehearsal, I decided to go to one of my staple favorite Thai places. Today, I also decided I would face my fear and do the dreaded attempt at a decor shot.

I think I'm getting pretty good at these. I ignore the people who stare now!

Location: 467 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1X9
Price: Lunch specials vary, starting from $6.95 to $11.95
Website: http://www.thaibasil.ca/index.html

The inside was fairly busy, and as such it took a just a short while before the waitress finally sat me down. However, service was quick and efficient — my order for water was brought to me quickly after I asked for it, and I soon placed an order for their ‘signature’ chicken green curry with rice. ($7.95)

I was soon presented with a trio of complimentary appetizers: the standard salad and soup combination along with a spring roll and dipping sauce.

Surprisingly good even though it just looks like lettuce...

It’s the return of the one carrot contrast deal, with a single slice of purple onion mixed in as well. These people are artists.

But no, the dressing for this salad was sweet and tangy, having a hint of curry flavor to it as well. Despite being lackluster as far as appearances go, the flavor was intriguing and different.

LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF IN THAT SOUP! And the spring roll to the side!

Instead of the miso soup that I am so accustomed to having since I always dine out at Japanese locations, here I was instead presented with a Tom Yum Thai style soup. There is an assortment of flavors and ingredients here which lends to the complexity of this soup: sour, spicy, salty, mushrooms, parsley, lemon grass, ginger… This soup is very strong and might not suit everyone’s tastes. However, being one who enjoys spicy cuisine, I quite liked this soup. Unfortunately, I spent much time getting rid of little bits and pieces of lemongrass and ginger which are rather unpleasant to eat.

On the side is a standard vegetarian spring roll. I’d like to explain it more but that’s really all there is to it. I guess it was fried well. I guess.


Kirby would be happy. In any case, this is another strong, spicy dish that might not be suitable for all palates. Skinless, boneless chicken is mixed with eggplant, lime leaves, and bell peppers in a curry coconut milk sauce. The greenness of this curry comes from the addition of thai basil (har har) to the sauce. The chicken was tender and the rice was SHAPED LIKE A STAR! It’s the little things that count. Which is why I must also mention that the sauce spillage action on the right hand side is totally their fault, not mine. Still, this tasted pretty damn good — just make sure you can stomach at least a bit of spicy!

As I was leaving, I stealthily took my phone out of my pocket as I was dressing, and I quickly ninja’d a shot with my camera. I decided to keep it as is to show you all how much work I have to do at sneakily taking pictures. 😦

Yep, it's backwards.

Verdict: Definitely a thai place that deserves a try. Their pad thai is good, their curries are good, and the value for their lunch menu is undeniable. Also, if I had been able to take a proper picture of the decor, it’s actually got a really nice artistic sort of atmosphere going on. Beware the sliding door entrance! It’s somewhat hard to open and close.



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