After a long day of shopping for jeans on one fine UofT-given holiday, my girlfriend and I were particularly famished and not keen on returning to eat cafeteria food (perhaps one day, I’ll blog it so I can show you all what it’s like…). Instead, we attempted to find a Chinese restaurant. Sadly, we passed by the Noodle Bowl and Woo’s was an All you can eat buffet. Then, my girlfriend made the smart decision and suggested we go to Milestones.

Taking a picture of the entire entrance proved to be impossible. Also, my camera malfunctioned...


Name: Milestones (This is going to be the last time I put name… I mean, I put it at the top and also put a picture of the entrance there. This seems quite redundant; alas.)
Location: 10 Dundas Street East
Price: $12.99~$30 for entrees

We were given a friendly welcome and taken to our table. Glasses of water were given to us mere moments after we had been seated. After we had an adequate look at the menu (for my girlfriend, it took much longer… as usual) the waitress came by and cheerfully took our orders. I opted to be cheap as usual and order the $12.99 Californian Burger with fries, and my girlfriend decided to have the Caprese Salad ($9.99) with the addition of a nice grilled salmon steak ($5.99).

After a short wait, our meals arrived together.


Behold, bad lighting + blurry photography! Courtesy my girlfriend.


The Caprese (pronounced Ka-pre-zee, not Ka-price according to the server) Salad came with an assortment of heirloom tomatoes and velvety slices of bocconcini cheese, garlicky crostinis, and a slab of fire-grilled salmon. According to my girlfriend, who actually ate the dish, the salad was very well-made — the balsamic reduction was properly sour and sweet, and the assortment of tomatoes added a nice contrast to the dish. The salmon (the other time she ate with me and I blogged about it, she was having salmon too…) was simply grilled and somewhat dry, but the natural flavor of the salmon pulled through for a nice, if basic taste. For her, the highlight of the dish was the cheese, which had a smooth, rich texture and a mild cheese taste.




Again, excuse the bad lighting. For $12.99 you really can’t go wrong with something like this. Crispy  bacon, avocado salsa (pretty much guacamole), a perfectly done hamburger, and an assortment of basic toppings. Needless to say this is a very delicious — and cost efficient — meal to have at Milestones.


Verdict: I’ve been to a few Milestones all over Toronto and this location definitely holds up to all the others. It’s not outstanding, but the food is solid and the ambiance is fairly good for a date. They have some nice specials, such as the Girl’s Night Out on Wednesdays (which I am not privy to… but $40 for 4 Appetizers and 4 Peach Bellinis sounds like a good deal, no?). A quick tip: If you save the receipt that you are given and do a survey online, you can receive a complimentary appetizer with purchase of entree on your next visit to Milestones.



PS – sorry for slow posts! Midterms and lots of essays and lack of eating out. 😦


4 thoughts on “Milestones: One of my favorite chains. :D

  1. Just want to add that their California Spring salad is my new favourite salad (old one was the Julienne at Mel’s Montreal Delicatessen RIP)! It’s big enough for a meal, lots of vegetables, delicious goat cheese, walnut, strawberries and can come with chicken or salmon. The kicker is the raspberry vinaigrette that is chock full of flavour. Seriously, this is a ridiculously delicious and filling salad.

    They also do promos with SCENE points sometimes which is a great deal!

  2. 3 words:
    Butternut Squash Ravioli
    And another 3 words:
    Mexican chocolate cake

    The best dinner ever. Ever. Cruncky glazed pecans and smooth goats cheese top the creamy butternt squash ravioli and play nicely with their tangy pasta sauce. And then the chocolate cake which is warm with icecream and a goat’s milk reduction and carmal. Omg you must try this!!!

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