I’ve been meaning to do a review of Sammy’s Student Exchange since almost everyone who goes to UofT has passed by it at least abajillion times. A nice bonus is that they serve up some pretty good grub — they have nice cheap breakfast and I still fondly recall my frosh leader telling me of their delicious chicken shawarma. Today, though, I would like to bring your attention to something else.

PS – Yay for Glee references? 😀

Finding a good shot of the entrance proved to be impossible.

Name: Sammy’s Student Exchange
Location: 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON    M5S 3H3
Price Range: $5.99- $10~
Website: http://www.sammysstudentexchange.com/SSX/Home.html

Having visited this eatery multiple times throughout the past few years, I am no stranger to Sammy’s — they have several menus with items such as muffins, pizza, salads, shawarma, curries, sandwiches, etc.

I'm working on my interior shots -- its hard to snap multiple shots without getting weird looks though.

Anyways, I decided to order the grilled cheese sandwich special, which comes with either potato or flaxseed bread and a house salad for $5.99. There is actually a little bit of back story to this order… Once upon a time, on a dreary Wednesday morning at 8:55 AM, I had to head to a most dreadful morning lecture. Sleepless and without my glasses, I walked past Hart House, only to notice a figure motioning for me to head over. Obliging cautiously, I was then provided with a free sample of a grilled cheese sandwich (I took two!). While I did not in fact notice the outline of Jesus on my grilled cheese sandwich, something about a hot, delicious grilled cheese sandwich just makes you feel really, really good.

This is a really good sandwich.

I find it incredible that two slices of flaxseed bread and cheese alone can produce such immense flavor. It’s light and crispy, and the cheese adds just a touch of saltiness to make this meal awesome. Also, it looks quite pretty.


Verdict: UofT students should honestly rejoice that we have such good food so close to us. It’s reasonably priced, too! I do wish that the tables looked more clean though.



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