On Monday, I was fully prepared to go eat lunch at McDonalds. After all, I had a free $20 gift card and I’ve recently grown to enjoy collecting Monopoly stickers. However, I walked past Over Easy on my way to McDonalds, and I recalled how I always wanted to try it. Finally, with food blogging as an excuse, I was able to indulge myself!

Capturing the entire entrance was far too difficult.

Name: Over Easy

Location: 208 Bloor Street W

Price: $7.50~$13.00 + tax and tips

Website: http://www.overeasyrestaurants.com/

Upon entering, I had this odd sensation of nostalgia. Everything here seems kind of old school — in fact, it sort of reminded me of restaurants I used to go to back when I was a kid. The decor was nothing special, but the space was quite spacious. I was soon led to a table filled with way more than just your standard salt and pepper shakers.

Look at all that jam!!!!

Pleasantly surprised by this somewhat retro-feeling place, I decided I was hungry and went for the Meat Lover’s Omelet. I was asked if I wanted brown or white toast — so was the man sitting at another table. Oddly enough however, the server asked the two women in the table next to mine if they wanted multi-grain as well. How odd…

Brown Toast, because the server didn't give me the multi-grain option...

In any case, my meal soon arrived. These are some damn good homefries. They’re bite-sized chunks of crispy and soft potato goodness tossed with onions and parsley. Do not be fooled by the apparent smallness of the omelet. The omelet was filled to bursting with different kinds of meat — ham, bacon, sausage — and finished off with a healthy dose of white cheddar cheese. To illustrate my point, I opted to take a close up of all the meat… Yum.

Delicious meaty goodness for any able-bodied wannabe carnivore.

Verdict: Good old fashioned homestyle all day breakfast. If it were just a little cheaper, this would definitely be a favorite. Still, Toronto really needs more places with comfort food like this. It’s nothing extravagant or pretty — but it’s just plain good! Until next time.


PS – Anyone got any restaurant suggestions more southward? Say, around the Queen Subway Station area? 🙂


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