FOUR TIMES IN TWO WEEKS! Man, I think I have a little bit of a problem. I’m going to have to force myself to stay away from Sushi Couture for a bit.

Anyhow, I went out on a late dinner date with a friend last night, and since I’ve been raving to her the most of all about Sushi Couture, the choice seemed obvious. In fact, I even told her she’d have to describe her food to me so I’d be able to write up about it. As such, she is a guest star for this post. Woooo!

Name: Sushi Couture

Location: 456 Bloor Street W M5S 1X8

Price Range: 10.99-39.99 depending on what entree you order. Look at this post for menus and information about lunch.

Website: N/A, but I hear they’re looking for someone to do their website for them!

I shall skip the formalities in this post since you all know how Ken and I bro it up. Instead, here are our two entrees! The lady friend ordered the Teriyaki Salmon dinner ($10.99), and I ordered the Sashimi Dinner ($15.99).

She took this picture herself because of how excited she was.

Me: So tell me how this dish tastes… Iron Chef judging panel style.

Her: I can’t do that!

Instead, she decided to explain the dish to me in her own way. “So I guess this fish is cooked…” I give her a look. “Okay, you know what I mean. Sometimes they overcook the salmon and it’s all flaky and it just falls apart before you can really eat it. This salmon is cooked perfectly, and since there’s not too much teriyaki sauce, it compliments the fish rather than drowning it [Jeff’s note: in teriyaki sauce death, no doubt].” A pretty good explanation, I think. 😉


As usual, all of the fish were fresh and delicious. Once again, Ken used his blowtorch to add an extra depth of flavor and texture to some of the fish. For me, the highlight of the dish was the butter fish, which, as the name implies, had a sort of buttery, silky smooth texture and flavor to it. The slight char afforded by the blowtorch added a somewhat smoky finish to this fish, which was quite pleasant to the taste (my attempt at an Iron Chef judging panel critique…)  Good work!

Verdict: What do you guys think? 😛


PS – I promise I’m not just reviewing Japanese places. LOL


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