Just a short write up this time. One of my friends asked me to write up a shawarma place, and on a whim, I decided I would head to Anoush, a Middle Eastern place for lunch. Fitting, as I soon had to write up a production review for a play concerning relations between immigrants from the Middle East and North Americans. This would get me in the ZONE.

Random Note: Okay guys why does everyone spell shawarma differently? I went on wikipedia and it is spelled shawarma. I went on yelp and some dude was like schwarma, and another, shwarma. Free-for-all spelling?! There will be no shawarmafoolery in this English major’s watch. I will avidly be using shawarma. No shawarma spelling elitists need comment. Oh, and… there’s something a little odd about listening to Bon Jovi whilst eating shawarma. I dunno what though…

Getting used to people looking at me while I take pictures like a tourist. Yay!

Name: Anoush

Location: 181 College St

Price Range: $6-11

Website: http://www.anoushrestaurant.com/home.asp
Anyways, I went inside and was unsurprised — it was a little dingy, but at least they had a sitting space for people who wanted to stay and eat. From what I’ve heard though, most of the time people do take out. I can understand, since this place isn’t that pretty.

This shot took me three tries.

I was unaware that beef shawarma existed, so I opted to order that today in plate form for exactly $7.50. In order to make sure you people got the full picture of what was offered on a plate, I made sure he put everything on it. Our viewers deserve to know about the spicy sauce, tatziki, salad, rice, potatoes, and, of course, beef shawarma plate-combo all in a wonderful take-out box.

At least there's a tomato.

Now, I am a self-proclaimed connosieur of beef, but I can appreciate all kinds of meaty beefy goodness. Sadly, this is not the case for Anoush. The beef was a little too dry and lacked any real flavoring, and the spicy sauce was not spicy at all. You all know how I rag on salads already so I’m sure by this point you all already know what I want to say about this one…

VERDICT: to be fair, this *is* just fast food. Still, for around the same price, I would rather head back to the Sammy’s at Hart House for superior shawarma (and an actual plate). Not to mention, Sammy’s comes with more food! My inner glutton made sure I tell you this. Getting the best bang foryour buck is important, no?



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