I’m joining Jeff, my food buddy, as a contributor on this blog to find good food and eat good food.  Recommendations go a long way in the restaurant business so I hope you’ll find some new places to try here. Feel free to drop us a recommendation if you are raving about a place, too!

My plan for this blog will be to post:

1) places that are good for taking out a special someone ($-$$$)

2) places that indulge my taste profile

3) international editions for when I get to pig out abroad (I have Atlanta, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan and China on my radar/backlog)

4) specific tours in the GTA on a certain food (eg: sushi, burgers). We’ll see how this goes.

My first review on Fabbrica will be posted shortly~ Until then, happy eating.



  1. I love your food blog! I came across it while searching for Japanese restaurants. I just started this year, but I’ve been trying to go to Japanese restaurants when I have free time! I was wondering if you can do a review of Tokyo Kitchen at 20 Charles St East? ^^

    • I’ve actually been to Tokyo Kitchen before. It’s one of the few Japanese owned Japanese restaurants in Toronto, especially in the downtown core (others being Ematei, Hiro, Tokyo Grill). The food is decent and the menu has all the popular items. I remember the price was around the usual price range of Japanese joints downtown. I tried their takoyaki which wasn’t bad. I can’t go back and give a full review since I am having trouble with something in sushi, but maybe the other two bloggers can try it out. 🙂

      If you want good sushi with a wide variety of menu items AND you can travel, go try out Miyabi up in Richmond Hill. Sushi is truly a marriage of fresh fish and well-made sushi rice. Most places focus on the fish part but the rice isn’t as good as it could be. Miyabi’s sushi rice is pretty amazing and makes you realize what you’re missing if the rice isn’t as good as the fish is fresh. I hear Hiro Sushi is great but that’s in the $$$ price range. Miyabi is more expensive than your average Annex sushi joint but the quality is better.

      In my opinion, Annex sushi joints (New Generation or Sushi on Bloor) offer great value for the quality, then the next tier are places like Miyabi, and finally you have the high end sushi restaurants like Hiro.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

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