Taken as I J-ran across the road, looking at incoming traffic.

With my good friend Jack in tow, whom I normally eat lunch with on Mondays, I headed towards our usual Monday Lunch spot. And then I remembered that I now had a food blog. Perfect.

Name: Top Sushi

Location: 185 College St. Toronto Ontario Canada M5T 1P7

Cost: $7.22 per person if you pay by cash and order from the lunch special. Also, they don’t mind if you don’t pay tip.

Website: http://www.topsushionline.com/2601.html


Anyways, Jack and I found our usual table and hankered down, ordering from the cheap and affordable lunch menu. If you care to look at the menu on the website, you’ll notice that it looks suspiciously similar to New Gen’s lunch special menu… (that’s because it IS the New Gen Lunch Menu!)

In any case, Jack and I both decided to order the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box special, which comes with stir-fried strips of chicken, vegetable tempura, three pieces of salmon maki, orange slices, and rice. The usual suspects you might find in a standard bento box around one of the many cheap Japanese food venues around the area.

To start, we receive the standard complimentary miso soup and salad.

See that strand of carrot? It adds contrast to the dish.

There was literally one slice of carrot in the salad, which I went to great lengths to picture for you all here today. Otherwise, it was just lettuce and a watered down ginger dressing. While the miso soup served alongside the salad was very normal, it was at least hot and tasted like regular miso soup. Score 1 for Top Sushi! \o/ Anyways, our bento boxes arrived soon after.


Pretty sizable for $7.22! o/


It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but they actually added sesame seeds to the salmon maki which I thought was a nice touch to spice things up a little. I suspect that they forgot to put them onto our overly plain appetizer salads and decided to work them into our rolls instead. Otherwise, the meal was fairly ordinary without much to complain about. The tempura was freshly fried, crispy and hot while the salmon maki did not fall apart in my chopsticks. Always a good sign!


VERDICT: For $7.22, what do you expect? It’s a solid meal and it’s really close to University of Toronto St. George Campus. This place has got its up and downs, but the decor is nice and clean and the grub is definitely filling! So all in all, if you’re ever in need of a quick Japanese food fix while on campus, Top Sushi’s fast service and cheap, tasty food is probably the place to be.

Cheers! 🙂

PS – For those of you who are looking for a higher quality sushi experience that won’t break the bank, tune in for the next post!


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