Holy **** another Food Blogger!

Before you run away do let me explain! I’m just a guy who really likes food, and I’ve decided to document my ventures to various establishments on a lovely quest to discover deliciousness (and not so deliciousness, sadly, but it’s part of the job). My friends hear me raving about the good places all the time anyways, so I decided the next feasible step would be to show the people of the interblags. 🙂 I have a few simple goals.

  1. Taste great food at awesome restaurants, and show people said great food
  2. Taste bad food at not so good restaurants, and show people said bad food
  3. Showcase affordable places where students and others can dine, along with some higher quality establishments for special occasions

And so, with both my taste buds and my phone camera in tow, it’s time to BLOG. SOME. FOOD!


Where food adventure awaits.

I'm thinking Japanese for my first actual post.


PS – I’m a little lame. Sorry folks.


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